How does all this get done?

Ready Fest is organized, funded, and run entirely by volunteers.

The Ready Fest Crew that makes it all happen.
Shelby County FRSYCES helping out at Ready Fest 2023

In 2023, Ready Fest reached  1,098 school children.

And, we ran out of supplies before we could take care of everyone.

The need is there.
We need your help.

Ali in Inflatable Crayon Costume

How do we know this can be done?

We have the ability to help.

Shelby County has 7,000 students in our public school system. Over half of those students (54%), qualify for free and reduced lunch. But Shelby County is also the 5th wealthiest county in Kentucky and our per capita and household income are both higher than the national average.

Shelby County has the resources to take care of its own.

This isn’t a matter of financing, it is a matter of awareness and direction. Most of the time, people simply don’t know that there is a problem, or don’t know how they can help. Ready Fest plans to solve that problem.

Ready To Help Us Get Ready?

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Join the Fun!

Ready Fest has an amazing group of fabulous volunteers, but we still need more help!

If you are willing to take on the tough job of giving out free stuff to excited, smiling kids, let us know!

Volunteers getting ready for Ready Fest 2023 and having fun.

Ready Fest Incorporated is a non-profit 501(c)3 Kentucky corporation, established, funded, and run entirely by volunteers.